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cruisin the coast 2013 swap meet

Starting with Cruisin' the Coast here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Christmas not that far behind. .. Roxanne passed away in .. I forgot another important venue, the Swap Meet at the Coast Coliseum, is another. The complete schedule of events for the Cruisin' the Coast, set to kickoff Oct . 6: Swap Meet open at Coliseum 9 a.m p.m.. The Vicari. 39th Annual NWDRA High Performance Swap Meet. Jan. 25, . Washington St. Contact: [email protected] or .. Philip Boe Park - Beach Blvd, Winchester Bay, Oregon. Contact: Debby . http:// or / Fifties in.

As you can see from the photos, car enthusiast start at all ages with a variety of interest. Don't you wonder if all the people shown in this photo of the Volkswagen rode together in this car to the breakfast?? Breakfast customers who are unaware of the monthly breakfast are thrilled to see the old cars. Many have tales of their grandparents, parents and even some themselves who had a car just like that one. Old cars aren't for everyone.

A Look at Cruisin’ The Coast 2012 from Speedway Motors

There is a lot of maintenance necessary on a stock old car with parts sometimes next to impossible to find. Street rods take special expertise as well. But all can enjoy the beauty of the cars and reminisce. Come join us at Hardee's in Lucedale, bring a friend, child or grandchild and enjoy the cars. Assuming this adage is correct, I have the privilege of working with 15 of the strongest committee chairmen that ever put together a car show.

Besides, we love to share the endless stories our cars provide time after time, show after show. It all taking place on the Madison Campus of Tulane University. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer myself but I know what a Hot Rod event is and Souped Up Saturday is one of the best around.

Their very first hot rod event rendered a very small participation of only 22 entries but through the years their highest number of entries to date is and earlier Rods, Customs, Classic Cars and Trucks. A hard count at the gate reflected an attendance of over Cruisers and spectators combined in There is no entry fee, no car registration fee, no fee of any type.

The only cost involved is the very modestly priced concession stand prices or if you purchase one of their very affordable Tee Shirts. This is an extremely well organized event with tons of major door prizes.

cruisin the coast 2013 swap meet

All prizes are given away thru a series of free drawings throughout the event. They actually give away free bottled water and will even bring it to you by one of their Souped Up Saturday Car Hop Girls.

cruisin the coast 2013 swap meet

One look at the Campus of Bible Baptist and you can tell this is a special place. Pastor Carter and the congregation are eager to share their blessings from God and enjoy giving back to the Community thru this wonderful event. Due to limited parking it is for and earlier entries in the display area regardless of modifications. No trailers allowed and no motorcycles in the display area. Show time is 4pm until 8pm with the gate opening at 3pm.

It's alive once again! Now named Dreamer's Lounge, E. Railroad Street, Long Beach. From what the "old timer's" in Long Beach say, dating back to the 70's it was once "Can Do Lounge", "Whistle Stop", "Patenotte's", and has been "The Alibi" since when Missi's mom, Roxanne, worked there for many years. Roxanne passed away in Seabees helped in some construction of the building in their off time.

It's been a local hang out for retired and new military members for years. The building served as a meeting place after Hurricane Katrina and was one of the only local places in Long Beach with electricity. It has a history of great stories from bands, dancing, shuffle board, horseshoes, and cookouts. They purchased the property and started the renovation. They have made upgrades to most of the property including new big screen tvs, updated jukebox with internet and surround sound, renovated restrooms, etc.

Stop into Dreamer's and help the new owner's get it going and don't forget to visit their facebook page at Dreamer's Lounge. I am sorry to see that the flooding has been so bad for so many in the Gulf Coast MotorSports area. When we had flooding in WV earlier this year our state Deputy in the Knights of Columbus requested and received contributions from other states K of C's for flood relief in WV.

Without your kindness, generosity, and expertise I could not have produced such a wonderful event. A special thanks to Angel Kibler Middleton, Mr. Mike Wilson, and Mr. Kenny Duprey for their support. And to my husband Gene Mitchell for his help, support and patience. There were over cars!

The venue was perfect, the weather was perfect Diane Mitchell 6 www. We want to apply for a marriage license. I see a resemblance. You can't get married. Aren't you giving marriage licenses to same gender couples? But we haven't had any siblings. Then why do you want to get married? And we do love each other. Besides, we don't have any other prospects. If you are not gay, you can get married to a woman. A gay man has the same right to marry a woman as I have. But just because I'm straight doesn't mean I want to marry a woman.

I want to marry Jim.

Hot Rods and Custom Cars-My Friend Pete Goes To Cruisin The Coast-Part 2

I'll give you your license. We are here to get married. You see, we're all bisexual. All of us getting married together is the only way that we can express our sexual preferences in a marital relationship.

There's no logical reason to limit marriage to couples. The more the better. Besides, we demand our rights! The mayor says the constitution guarantees equal protection under the law. Give us a marriage license! I want to marry myself. What do you mean? Maybe I can file a joint income-tax return. You people are making a mockery of marriage!! The man was a great mechanical engineer, and a car guy. I was a mechanical engineer.

I knew enough to pass the licensing exams. That guy was so far ahead that he was almost out of sight. He told me about the car he had built. He said he was getting tired of tearing down the engine just to look at it, and needed garage space.

I wanted it, so he sold it to me. The transmission was a standard Cadillac LaSalle 3 speed with one of those pop up straight line 3 speed shifter kits. The driveshaft was connected to a Ford differential axle assembly with leaf springs.

It was unpainted black fiberglass. I put upholstery on the seats and door panels and eventually Bob's Auto Body in south Pittsburgh gave it a nice metallic green paint job with some nice pin stripes.

We lived in a fancy neighborhood in north Pittsburgh, and one Saturday afternoon I fired up the kit car. My neighbor's father-in-law was visiting and he came running out of their house. He recognized that hotrod car sound. Both his daughter and my wife were displeased by the spectacle. One time I took my Dad for a ride. My Dad was a tough guy. The car was strong. When I hit the gas it twisted the rear leaf springs to grind on the u-joints.

My dad did not like it. Another employee I knew had taken my boss for a ride in his new Corvette, I wanted to get even.

cruisin the coast 2013 swap meet

So I took my boss for a ride. One Saturday morning I drove it to a strip mall, parked 2 blocks away. Later I went into a barber shop. The shop was full of working guys like me who got hair cut on weekends. I had to wait. Then in the mid's I met a car guy in Delaware. I gave it to the car guy. I just gave him the car and the signed title. Years later he died. His family sold the cars.

My green racing car is long gone to who knows where. It was Nuthin' Special. Had a great turnout, nice shady spots and good food. Later in the month we got to the Jeff Davis 3rd. Next up was the Pass Christian Harbor for the 3rd. This one always turns into a big group sitting around have a blast. The 4th Friday got us up in the Kiln for the Cruise-In Cafe cruise -in, they have cruiser meal specials and give a best cruiser plaque.

Swap Meet | Cruisin' The Coast

The 4th Saturday is a can't miss at the Long Beach Harbor this one is starting to get a big turnout. Had a good turnout at this one, and several places for the ladies to shop. Few pics from the Misfits last cruise-in of the year at the train depot in downtown Bay St. Great evening 40 cars enjoying the day. Food was good no rain all day, worked out great. And yes I did have the shinny yellow car out all day, so if a few pictures of me cleaning and wiping a shinny car down show up it really did happen.

But I have cleaned that a few times in the last 32 years I've owned it.

cruisin the coast 2013 swap meet

I collect far too many things and really like the hunt for more. Charlie is very tolerant of this and likes to look for tools and things for his yard and man cave while I do my rooting around. So, in Marchwhen I saw the notification of a large estate sale near our home that included a boat, I told Charlie and my brother, Herbert, about it. Herb had been hunting for another boat for a while, so we all went together. In the huge barn of the sale were several cars that had been parked for a very long time and were part of the sale.

The Chevy had been parked for at least 20 years and was covered in dirt and grime. It also had no title or keys. Charlie fell in love at first sight. He and Herb went over the car from bumper to bumper, inside and out, and decided it was sound and worth taking a chance on. A pancake breakfast, hot dogs, and soda will be available.

There are no outside vendor spaces at this show. All proceeds go to the needy. Sample craft beer from local brewers, wander through picturesque street scenes, and enjoy more than remarkable cars on display. Proceeds help to preserve and maintain the National Automobile Museum. Unfortunately, pre-event ticket sales were too low to proceed. Over 3, cars and trucks--all years American made and powered vehicles welcome Plus exhibits, huge swap meet, cars for sale corral, entertainment, special Veteran's day celebration activities, Goodguys Autocross racing competition, special parking areas on Saturday, model car show, pinstripers brush bash and more.

Parking and Admission is Free for buyers. Event starts at 5AM and usually ends around Noon. Voices for Change this history symposium offers an in-depth examination of the s decade with educational and entertaining programs by national and local scholars, historians and authors. Show Cars will be displayed in our spacious and shady back yard. A variety of vehicles entered into the judging contest are from many of the local car clubs and are presented for your viewing pleasure.

A Look at Cruisin' The Coast from Speedway Motors - Rod Authority

This year we are anticipating or more cars and some car parts and merchandise vendor booths. For those early risers wanting to enter their cars early to get the best shady parking spots, we recommend that you REGISTER early and arrive around sun rise.

Live entertainment, vendor booths, and festival foods available for purchase, come one come all tour the Motte Historical Museum enjoy the show in the parking lot.

Car show enthusiasts please register in advance the show fills up early fee: For an application or more information please call or visit the website for a printable application. Also, the festival is a great place to bring the family. Presented by Woodland Street Cruisers. All Cars be parked by 12 Noon. Must be Registered to Cruise.

Limited to first Cars. In fact most of the movie was filmed in Petaluma, Ca in the summer of Come and join us as we celebrate the fact that American Graffiti was filmed on the same streets that the car show is on. Starting on May 18th and ending on May 20th with a big car show. How about cruising those streets? Well starting at 4pm, we open those streets up to cruising, that's right, you can cruise the same streets that Milner and Falfa did in the movie.

Registration forms can be down loaded at www. Don't wait as registration fills up quickly. Don't be square, be there! Please email nicolem downtownfordsales. It is open to all years and models and there is NO entry fee. Other activities include a rodeo and horse show, kids activities,and a parade which is optional for car owners. Maxwell is located about 1 hour north of Sacramento on I Union Rd in front of Golf CourseManteca. That's the Marine Parkway Ralston Ave. This is our 42nd event and we hope that it will be one of our best.

We generally have approx. There is no judging, and no reservations. The event usually runs from just before 8am to about 3pm. That fee also includes a goodie bag with dash plaque and more, and door prize ticket.

Cash or non-perishable food donation requested of participants. Awards, music, food and drinks. Thunder Valley Resort or www. Show open to all and older American Made or American powered vehicles. Show to benefit local non-profit organizations.

Dash plaques and Goody Bags for the first cars registered. Raffle prizes, music, food, vendors and fun for all in beautiful Historic Downtown Lincoln.