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brevard county swap meet

Festivals – With such wonderful weather, Brevard County is alive with festivals all Mopar Super Swap Meet: Mopars of Brevard hosts the event, which features. Welcome to Webster Westside Auto & Cycle Swap Meet & Show. The first Sunday of every month, Webster Westside Market presents Florida's largest monthly. m-swap-meet-dunnellon-fl-2nd-saturday- monthly. Crystal River Mall monthly Farm Swap Meet 4th Saturday Monthly.

He advised he would want Mr. Myjak to live up to his side of it also; with Mr. Myjak stating they are doing their best to get the petitions collected. Commissioner Scarborough stated one thing that concerns him is if they have different concepts and languages occurring; Mr.

Knox told him today was the day the Board should get everything submitted from attorneys who wanted to have the three-attorney panel consider it, and they are going to come back with remarks on the 15th. Knox also stated the Board could ask them, if they find problems, to suggest solutions, and that could be beneficial. He inquired even though the Board has the back-up of the 31st, can they meet in time, with ideas coming forward and another legal review; and stated if the Board came up with a new idea on the 23rd, and could not meet and come back on the 31st, it defaults because the Board cannot put anything on the ballot because it does not have language that has been legally reviewed.

He suggested this language be included and the Board ask the panel to make constructive suggestions if certain things could occur to meet legal requirements if they find them falling short; and secondly, for the panel to be present on the 23rd. County Attorney Scott Knox commented he is not sure where this came from, but he has some issues with it, and he does not think he would want to forward this to the legal panel in its current configuration.

Commissioner Scarborough inquired if the Board can ask for constructive suggestions from the panel if, in fact, they find problems; and can the panel be present. Scott Knox stated if the Board wants the panel present at the meeting, then they can be there; and in terms of constructive suggestions on how things can be cured, that was what they did last time, and he will make sure that they do it again. Commissioner Scarborough stated he would like to make that as a motion so that the Board is well advised that this could be very complex when attorneys start making different suggestions and the Board is trying to meet them.

Commissioner Pritchard asked Commissioner Scarborough to repeat the motion. Commissioner Scarborough commented the motion is, number one, if the panel finds problems, that they offer solutions to solving the problems with their report on the 15th; and number two, that they be present on the 23rd to render opinions as ideas come up, so the Board would not be sending something on the 23rd, only to find it missed a target.

Commissioner Pritchard inquired if it is the focus of a legal review panel to make recommendations or suggestions; with Commissioner Scarborough responding they can and they have. Commissioner Scarborough stated he thinks anybody can suggest anything they want to, going through this process; with Commissioner Carlson commenting she does not have a problem listening to suggestions. Commissioner Colon requested Ed Washburn and Robin Sobrino be allowed to speak to the Board; with Commissioner Carlson commenting they have a lot of folks waiting for other issues today.

Commissioner Scarborough noted his motion is procedural, to make sure the Board has the guidance when it needs it. Commissioner Carlson commented her only concern was that the community came forward with two questions, and those are the two questions the Board talked about originally, when it passed it onto legal review; and she was never expecting to see somebody word-smithing those questions, because they were not the original questions. She stated the people signed it and she is worried about the legal ramifications of that; and she is not sure if the Board should go forward with something like this, but certainly it can look at that option in a workshop setting and see what the possible ramifications are.

Commissioner Colon requested Ed Washburn speak to the Board; with Chair Voltz commenting the motion may not have anything to do with what Mr. Commissioner Colon stated it does; and one of the things the Board talked about was the fact that it needed more signatures and that if it did not put it on the ballot this year, it will cost a lot of money to put it on the ballot next year, because it would be a Special Election.

She commented the Board is trying to avoid paying thousands and thousands of dollars next year, when there is a possibility of having it on the ballot this November.

Commissioner Colon stated a year ago, when the citizens came before the Board and asked to put something on the ballot, one of the things the Board discussed was the fact that it was going to try to figure out if the Space Coast Growth Management Coalition was going to be able to have some joint planning agreements.

She noted the problem has been that ever since the folks came before the Board, annexation has still gone out of control and the Board has not accomplished anything; and municipalities keep annexing and annexing and annexing.

She added what was on the ballot needed x amount of signatures, but if the Board of County Commissioners took it upon itself, it would be able to put something on the ballot that is totally separate. Commissioner Colon noted any Commissioner, at any time, is able to initiate something and the Board of County Commissioners can take action or not take action; and the Board is not trying to say one is better than the other, but it wants to make sure that once it is all said and done, whatever it puts on the ballot has some teeth, and that it does not give a false sense of security to citizens, that if they vote for this, it will just stop growth.

She stated she is frustrated because annexation is still out of control, and the Board has not accomplished much.

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She commented the Board has an opportunity this year to put something on the ballot and hopefully, if it is legal, the Board will be able to put something on the ballot that is going to get everybody at the table whether they like it or not. Assistant County Manager Ed Washburn stated Commissioner Colon asked his office to look at the wording and see what they could come up with for her to pass on to the Board; and he knows it may need to be tweaked from a legal standpoint.

He advised what they looked at on the first question was whether or not the levels of service conflicted with the current adopted Comprehensive Plan; and they believe they do. He stated on the second question, they wanted to make sure that the opportunity was given to those cities that wanted to have a binding agreement, that they would allow that option to occur; and that is all those two questions do.

He noted there are two or three cities they are working with on the beltway and they are able to do certain things under the annexation provisions that they cannot do with respect to gaining right-of-way, so they wanted to make sure that if they had the opportunity to allow cities that wanted to have a binding agreement, they could do that.

He noted failing that, they would have to go to referendum with respect to annexations. Motion by Commissioner Scarborough, seconded by Commissioner Carlson, to request the panel reviewing the Charter Amendments, make constructive suggestions if problems are found and include the suggestions in the report, and be present at the meeting on August 23, at 1: He noted when these kids grow up, they will not forget the kindness that was shown to them at this young age; and encouraged everyone to contribute to the many different organizations in the area.

Morris Richardson stated the issue is the Grant-Valkaria incorporation; and the Town Charter and the legislation did not provide specifically for the issue of building permitting and inspection, and who would be responsible for that.

He commented the people in Grant-Valkaria should not have to wait until November, when a Town Council is elected, to get the permitting services, as it is something that needs to be done now; and there are no less than 30 permits pending now, plus site plans and subdivisions that are already in the process.

He noted everyone in the County wants to get this done for those folks; and they do not want them to be left out in the cold because of some oversight of some of the incorporation issues that happened with the Town.

brevard county swap meet

He stated he thinks it can probably be done by an Interlocal Agreement, so he is asking for authority from the Board to go forward, find a way to get it done, and bring it back to the Board with a solution; and in the meantime, go ahead with the permitting processes that are already underway.

Commissioner Carlson inquired if Mr. Richardson was saying he wanted to go talk to the Grant-Valkaria folks to find a way to do this, or if they have come to the Board saying it is an issue. Chair Voltz commented there was a meeting in her office with Grant-Valkaria, and they realized the County was not able to move forward; with Commissioner Carlson inquiring if the 30 items Mr.

Richardson mentioned have been approved for their site plan issues. Richardson advised there are many issues in the pipeline that have been approved, but there are 30 that have not been permitted yet; and if those do not go forward, they will be waiting until at least November when a Town Council is elected, and probably longer than that, because it will take them some time to get Building Officials in place.

He commented everyone present has represented a willingness to help out; and Ed Washburn has championed the idea and Mike McCaughen and Carole Brown are willing to help out from the Building Department.

brevard county swap meet

Commissioner Carlson inquired if the Preservation Committee is asking for the help; with Morris Richardson responding yes, the interim council has asked for help. Motion by Commissioner Pritchard, seconded by Commissioner Carlson to allow the building permits to go forward. Commissioner Carlson noted the motion cannot be to allow the building permits to go forward, as it is to work with them.

Chair Voltz stated they also need to add the Interlocal Agreement to the motion as well. He stated right now it just says unincorporated County, so it would be just an amendment to include the new Town of Grant-Valkaria; but he does not think they will need to do that.

Commissioner Colon commented at the zoning meeting there were people who were not able to move forward, and she asked what will happen to them and all of the money they have already paid; and she is concerned about the people who have gone through the zoning process, as it is not their fault what has happened, and now they are caught in the middle. County Manager Peggy Busacca stated what the Board asked staff to do about the financial issues was to come back to the Board and let it know what the hard costs were, then it can make a decision as to whether it wants to refund all of the money; and as far as rezoning, the Board has no jurisdiction in the municipal boundaries, so those people will have to wait until they have a Town Council in order to even apply for the rezoning.

She advised the County is going to be passing Ordinances from now until the time Grant-Valkaria gets a Town Council; there are going to be inconsistencies in the Zoning Code, so the town is going to have to pass all of the Ordinances, because in order for the County to provide Code Enforcement, the Town has to be completely uniform with the County until it is ready to take over Zoning Code Enforcement.

Chair Voltz inquired if the Board needed to make any motion today on the issue; with Attorney Jones responding no, as there is nothing the County can do right now. She advised the Board has to wait for the Town Council to get together, fix its Code Enforcement Ordinance, and to pass all of the Ordinances the Town is going to be passing. She noted she would appreciate a meeting with the City Managers to be very clear of their jurisdictions and responsibilities; if they want to take over, they need to understand that there are certain things they need to do and pay for; and she would like for that meeting to take place as soon as possible.

Commissioner Pritchard inquired if Grant-Valkaria can, on an interim basis, adopt everything that the County has and work it out later, or does it have to be specific at this point and initiate what it is going to be living with. Commissioner Pritchard stated if the Town is going to become the wild west, relying on the Sheriff, then people may be looking for continuous loopholes; and what Ms. Jones is saying is that the Town cannot adopt what it currently has through the County Commission.

She noted there will be a consequence, and it may be delayed, but there will still be a consequence for violating the Code. Chair Voltz advised she agreed to be on the Board of the Florida Association of Counties and there is a Board of Directors retreat on the 24th and 25th of August, at Howie-in-the-Hills; and requested approval to attend.

She noted the last time she was on the Commission she was continuously harassed by Mr. Ellis about spending time out of the County, and asked why is it important for the Board to be involved with the Florida Association of Counties; she does not need that right now; and she wants to make sure the Board approves of what she is doing. She reiterated it is the opinion of the Board that it is important for someone on the Board to serve on the Florida Association of Counties.

Commissioner Carlson stated the Board pays dues, and they ought to all be able to attend the Association.

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Commissioner Scarborough stated he is an attorney, and in order to maintain his license, he has to have continuing education; it is his understanding that teachers have the same requirements, along with nurses; it is nice to know what other people are doing, and the methodologies that are employed; and it goes without saying that they are meeting with people who are handling similar problems. He noted they can never guarantee that they will come back with something, but from time to time things do come back that assist the Board tremendously; and it benefits the citizens because they are able to be a more effective Board.

He stated he fully supports what Chair Voltz is doing. Commissioner Carlson stated the National Association of Counties has a wealth of information; and although it is difficult to get to Washington D.

She commented whether it is the National Association or the Florida Association, they learn from everybody and can bring things back; they do major seminars on all sorts of things that are not just affecting Brevard County, but affecting the entire Nation, and the Board needs to be on top of it. She noted it helps them from the federal and State prospective; they pay dues for both associations should have representation at both; and they should not have to ask permission any time they want to go to either function.

Commissioner Carlson commented they, as a Commission, said that they would not have to ask permission for every single thing they do, when it is helping them become better educated and better public servants; she and Chair Voltz completed the Certification Training for County Commissioners, and there was a lot of stuff they had to learn from a more global perspective; that was a good program and worthwhile; and she thought it paid for the dues.

Commissioner Pritchard stated that is like the meeting they had with the Secretary of Transportation; and they boosted the guardrails on I, moved it up a year and a half, and saved millions of dollars. He stated he worked hard on his project and it was fun working with volunteers. Commissioner Scarborough inquired if it would be possible for somebody to address the community at large how to be mindful of watching for potential abuse to seniors.

He noted unusual behavior maybe observed by a bank teller or a neighbor, everyone has a responsibility to their neighbor; and they need to be particularly concerned about the vulnerable seniors who are attempting to live independently, yet need assistance. Ron Morgan thanked the Board for the recognition of elder abuse; stated elder abuse is still an on going problem; within the last few weeks, an elderly gentleman in central Brevard was assaulted and ended up in Holmes Regional in a coma; and in south Brevard, an year old woman was mugged and robbed after the thief had run her down with a car.

He commented fortunately, in Brevard, there are great law enforcement agencies to protect the seniors. He advised it is critical that everyone realize that any case of suspected elder abuse has to be reported to the Department of Children and Families, and those in elected office and several other State-appointed agencies are required to report any suspected elder abuse.

brevard county swap meet

He commented that W. World Health Organization and the United Nations have formally passed, and now are implementing, a world wide program to educate the public and to stop elder abuse in every nation. Commissioner Carlson noted there is cake and fruit provided in the lobby, and she appreciates all they do. He stated scouting has helped him, as he has memories that most people will never have, such as a mile canoe trip in Minnesota that has special memories for him with his father and some friends.

He noted he wishes more people would join scouting, but for some reason, people do not. Chair Voltz commented every Eagle Scout says the same thing, and she hopes someone is listening to them and decides they want to join the Scouts. Commissioner Colon commented the kids who are in Eagle Scouts are very active in the church, and she commends the church for getting kids active in the Eagle Scouts. Commissioner Pritchard noted he was speaking to Mark earlier and told him about when he was a Scout and all the things that he went through; he never attained the rank of Eagle; but he was working on a rank that required he learn the books of the Bible, and his Pastor can verify that he got pretty far into it.

Chair Voltz stated Randy Lyon will give the Board an update on myregion. Randy Lyon stated he is the volunteer Chairman of myregion. He noted by the end of October they will celebrate in this country, the arrival of the millionth American, and that is after having celebrated million just a few years ago in ; and projections are that inthe country will reach a population of million.

He commented the rate of growth across the County and in Florida is driven by three primary ingredients: He noted there was a key piece of research a few years ago that myregion. He stated once they got a lot of regional information it became apparent the next step would be to try to bring together both the citizens and the leaders of Central Florida to answer the question of How Shall We Grow as a region; and the result is a month campaign where they are asking citizens, elected officials, and community leaders to work together to create a shared vision.

He stated it is a partnership being funded by both regional and State organizations who believe it is important to think about the future of the region. He stated two of the primary partners, the Florida Departments of Community Affairs and Transportation, are not only funders, they are watching myregion. He commented they started with 12 principles of growth to present to the community; out of those, across the region, people have voted on the principles in ranks of importance; and the one area that has moved up in ranking is the importance of choices in transportation.

He commented the Board will also notice that in comparison to the region statistically, there is almost no difference for the concerns among their neighbors in Brevard County with what matters across all seven counties. He advised several themes have come out of the meetings and participants have realized that this is not easy; and other reactions have been that increasing density has met only very limited resistance; building up, instead of out, has become a common theme; and the embrace of increasing infill in existing urban areas has been strong.

He stated they were also asked to designate the environmental areas in the county that are most important for conservation. Lyon commented since WWII, low-density urban sprawl with unconnected streets has become a norm for what is really an auto-dependent development; open space is often forgotten and streets are abandoned; and this causes a dramatic increase in auto trips, which is what causes traffic congestion.

He noted one option for future development is to simply keep doing what they are doing today and that has a value for them in that they know exactly what it will produce. He commented if they continue existing patterns, it is a matter of local choice how they grow; but there really are regional consequences.

He stated low-density development is a traffic generator; by engineering standards today, they know it causes ten new trips per day for each new home; and the roads have become congested and ultimately there is gridlock.

He noted a Transect is a concept that was developed by a Miami architect, and it represents how they might describe different development choices going from preserved areas on the fringe, all the way into downtown urban living. Farmers market every Saturday in Rockledge: The Space Coast Farmers Market is from 10 a. Trash Bash, volunteers needed: Help make the refuge a better, cleaner place by joining us at 9 a.

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brevard county swap meet

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