Tomsula harbaugh relationship quotes

What’s next for Jim Tomsula? – ProFootballTalk

tomsula harbaugh relationship quotes

Jim Tomsula was fired by the 49ers on Sunday night. Maybe the relationship with Harbaugh was fractured but chasing off a top-five NFL. Yesterday we covered what we'll miss about Jim Harbaugh. One of the first things new head coach Jim Tomsula did this offseason was I meant to say please use quote marks when you quote silly unfounded comments. the league of the GM-coach relationship with regards to the final 53 selection. Branch needs to put that quote on his resume' if he ever needs another job. willycents Did Tomsula run to Jed to blame Harbaugh for this too.

The Niners lost Roman did other weird things when he went off-script.

tomsula harbaugh relationship quotes

He seemed to want to impress the crowd with his vast array of plays and personnel groupings instead of just calling the stuff his players did best. This made my brain hurt.

What’s next for Jim Tomsula?

But what really made my brain hurt was the way Roman answered questions. Like after Week 1 last season.

Say what, Jim Harbaugh?

Then how come you never found an effective way to use him, Greg? Harbaugh should have fired Roman years ago. But Harbaugh was loyal, so they went down together. How could Harbaugh do that and go berserk at the same time?

A coach is supposed to move on to the next play, not fume over the previous one. Tomsula was hamstrung by the 49ers from the start, taking the keys to a team that lost key players this offseason. No one is making excuses for Tomsula or claiming was anything other than a disastrous year, but it was a borderline miracle the 49ers won five games this season.

Five things to know as the Jim Harbaugh 49ers era finally ends

How is this job regarded? It's not surprising to see San Francisco move on, but it'll be curious whether the 49ers job is highly regarded in the coaching community as they search for a replacement.

Or perhaps their coaching search goes as well as it did last time and they end up bringing in someone with limited coaching experience to try and improve on the roster.

tomsula harbaugh relationship quotes

Given how quickly they dismissed a long-time soldier and first-time coach, it's clear the shine is off the 49ers job again. So the 49ers ran off Jim Harbaugh who took a job at his alma mater and promptly coached the Wolverines to 10 wins in a game season plus the bowl game and looking like they'll be playoff contenders as early as Harbaugh's second season. It's not apples to apples but it's possible Harbaugh-to-Tomsula goes down as the all-time worst dropoff from one coach to another.

tomsula harbaugh relationship quotes

Maybe the relationship with Harbaugh was fractured but chasing off a top-five NFL coach was absolutely a tremendous mistake.

Center Daniel Kilgore got hurt and his replacement Marcus Martin did not fare well at all. Left guard Mike Iupati was merely good, as opposed to an All-Pro level talent.

49ers harvest favorable quotes from players about new coach – ProFootballTalk

Kaepernick was prone to holding the ball for too long while waiting for receivers to get open. Those receivers -- Anquan Boldin excepted -- rarely got open themselves. Vernon Davis became little more than an afterthought.

tomsula harbaugh relationship quotes

The running game, led by Frank Gore and supplemented by rookie Carlos Hydewas worse than it had been at any time in the Harbaugh era. Harbaugh's team also had numerous run-ins with the law, notably defensive end Ray McDonald 's domestic violence case that garnered a lot of media attention throughout this season, as well as Aldon Smith's high-profile issues with both substance abuse and personal conduct.

According to Bleacher Report's Mike FreemanHarbaugh came to believe that the behavior problem in the NFL is "almost impossible to fix" and there was a divide between Harbaugh and the front office on how to handle players with disciplinary issues.

  • Jim Tomsula was fired by the 49ers on Sunday night.
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  • Jim Harbaugh leaves the 49ers as one of the best coaches in team history.

That theme of Harbaugh butting heads with the front office is one that came up numerous times while he was in San Francisco, with various reports stating at different times this season that there was friction in the relationship between Harbaugh and general manager Trent Baalke. In the end, the relatonship was no longer workable for any of the parties involved, and they agreed to go their separate ways. How do 49ers players and personnel feel about Harbaugh's departure?

As we detailed this week, Frank Gore is none too happy about it.