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TTC wants streetcar riders to "Meet Your New Ride"

meet your new ride

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The pieces are coming together to create a world where intelligent, driverless vehicles become the future of transportation. As autonomous vehicles gain traction, Chin envisions an opportunity to remake the city landscape by consolidating parking, reclaiming land for parks, reducing urban congestion and traffic, and promoting overall highway safety. Founders of Optimus Ride, a Boston-based startup for self-driving technologies.

There is a deep correlation between wealth and mobility access, and we want to change that by providing autonomy and shared transportation. Ryan Chin, co-founder of Optimus Ride While much of the early hoopla has focused on the still-formative vision of fully autonomous vehicles those that attain Level 5 as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineersthere are different levels of self-driving capabilities. Some Level 1 features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, automated parking, and active lane control are already mainstream features in current vehicle models.

Luxury brands including Volvo, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have begun to showcase Level 2 features such as automated steering and speed control for short periods of time. Level 3 cars still in testing will require some driver intervention.

Autonomous Vehicles: Are You Ready for the New Ride?

Level 4 will be fully autonomous but can still be driven by humans, and Level 5 vehicles will be designed to take the driver completely out of the picture. Eventually, all self-driving cars will employ some combination of sensors, cameras, radar, high-performance GPS, Light Detection and Ranging LIDARartificial intelligence AIand machine learning to achieve their respective levels of autonomy.

Connectivity to secure and scalable IoT, data management, and cloud solutions are also important to the mix, providing a resilient and high-performance foundation on which to collect, manage, and analyze voluminous sensor data.

Gartner projects that million connected vehicles will hit the road worldwide by Byautonomous vehicles are expected to comprise around 25 percent of the global market. The rise of the connected vehicle has far-reaching societal implications, from environmental benefits to improved safety.

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Fewer cars on the road means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, leading to better air quality and lower energy consumption. Beyond sustainability advantages, self-driving cars are poised to open up a whole new economic chapter in what Intel and research firm Strategy Analytics are calling the Passenger Economy. For example, families could configure a self-driving car to do continuous pick up and drop off, shuttling mom off to work and carting kids to school and soccer.

There are also significant ramifications for safety and traffic concerns, with experts predicting far fewer accidents. Self-driving cars are projected to savelives between toaccording to the Passenger Economy research. At the same time, autonomous vehicles should free up more than million hours of commuting time annually for consumers, especially those living in congested cities. As more autonomous vehicles hit the streets, city planners will accelerate plans to modernize highways and thoroughfares with smart technology for road signs, traffic lights, and merge lanes —all in an effort to reduce congestion and increase public safety.

Then we will ultimately have smart infrastructure to go with the smart vehicles, but this gets everything started.

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The onboard cameras and sensors on an autonomous vehicle collect vast amounts of data, which must be processed in real time to keep the vehicle in the right lane and operating safely as it heads to its destination. Now it appears that despite extreme sanctions—especially on luxury goods—and a rickety economy that is supposedly slowly starving due to lack of energy stocks, Kim was able to get his hands on the most luxurious of luxury cars. The fact that the car was showcased during Kim's grand arrival to the meeting with Pompeo was no accident.

meet your new ride

It was a North Korean show of defiance against the entire sanctions regime that the U. China and Russia have relaxed their enforcement of sanctions against rogue state since the thaw between North and South Korea began last Winter. Since then, Kim has been elevated on the world stage and his country seems to be increasingly viewed—albeit begrudgingly—an accepted nuclear power by some of its neighbors in the region regardless of if they claim otherwise.

meet your new ride

The 'Young General' has traveled to China three times since the de-escalation in North-South tensions began, in addition to his trip to Singapore to shake the American President's hand in front of a global audience— no strings attached. In most of those instances, his limousines traveled with him aboard Air Koryo Il ailifters. Now there are some indications that Kim, or a very high-ranking North Korean delegation, could soon travel to nearby Vladivostok, Russia to meet Russian officials.

If Kim were to make the trip to Vladivostok—the first of its kind—Vladimir Putin would too. Closer ties between Moscow and Pyongyang have been in the works for months as the Kremlin clearly sees North Korea's profile on the rise and views the country as yet another strategic locale in which to compete with the United States for influence. Multiple companies convert these land-yachts into rolling fortresses. In particular, Mutec has had an affiliation with Rolls Royce directly and has been offering the Phantom with extreme VR7 level protection in a package that is virtually indistinguishable from the stock vehicle since roughly One would assume that this example has undergone such a transformation.