What to do after you meet wallace in emerald

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what to do after you meet wallace in emerald

Were do you get kyogre and.., Pokemon Emerald Questions and answers, and he will let you go into Origin Cave were you will find Wallace (ex 8th gym. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald at IGN: walkthroughs, items, When you first enter the cave, you'll meet an old man who wants . On the south end of the room, you'll meet Wallace who will tell you about Rayquaza. For Pokemon Emerald Version on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs The cave is easy to find; all you have to do is go to the humongus dark patch and swim When wallace asks a question answer SKY PILLAR. than go to sky pillar and.

Travelling to the end of the cave, you have a conversation with Wallace about the two titans that are fighting. He mentions that the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza was the one who quelled the titans.

what to do after you meet wallace in emerald

So naturally, you need to go wake up Rayquaza, at the Sky Pillar. At this point, make sure you are equipped with the Mach Bike and fly to Pacifidlog Town, then surf to the right of town onto Route Work your way northward through a small maze of rocks to reach the Sky Pillar.

What do you do after you see wallace when groudon and kyog.. - Pokemon Emerald Questions

You must use the Mach Bike to navigate the quickly-crumbling floors, until you reach the top where Wallace awaits. Simply approach Rayquaza, and he'll fly off. Go back to Sootopolis and witness Rayquaza end the conflict, and from this point on, Sootopolis' gym will be open for you to fight at. As for climbing the waterfalls, HM 07 - Waterfall is also found within the Cave of Origin when you go inside there to talk to Wallace. But the doors to the Sky Pillar will be closed.

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IDK how you open them yet. Hope i warned you. I didn't help much. Find steven and talk to himhe will lead you to the cave of orgin. Watch the kyogre and groudon cut scene and go get rayquaza at sky pillar and watch the cutscene where kyogre and grouon go underwater. Head south until you find another cave. Head inside and resurface. You will see a cut scene with Groudon and Kyogre fighting.

Head around them and go and speak to Archie, Maxie and Steven. Steven leads you to a cave.

What do you do after you see wallace when groudon ..

Head all the way through and you will meet Wallace. Choose to go to the Sky Pillar. To get there, Surf toward the Seafloor Cavern and then Surf south. Use the PokeNav to guide you, and when you can Surf west, do so onto Route Continue onto Route Hug the north of the route, and you will soon find a little gap.

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Head into it and into the Sky Pillar. Wallace is there, and after a few earthquakes he leaves. Head all the way to the top. Rayquaza will fly away when you get there. He's heading for Sootopolis. If you wish, you can leave the Pillar and Surf west more to find Pacifidlog Town enabling you to Fly there later. Otherwise Fly to Sootopolis. After this, talk to Archie, Maxie, Steven and Wallace. Wallace will give you HM07 - Waterfall.

what to do after you meet wallace in emerald

Take on the Sootopolis Gym Leader - Juan for your final badge. He uses Water Pokemon.

what to do after you meet wallace in emerald

Head back to Mt. Pyre for a bit of closure to the storyline.

what to do after you meet wallace in emerald