How do you say nice to meet in german

How do I say "nice to meet you" in german? | Yahoo Answers

how do you say nice to meet in german

So how do you say hello in German? Let's move onto the next common way to say hello in German 2) Guten . Nice to meet you guys. Es hat mich gefreut dich zu treffen. Otherwise, how can I properly say it??. English-German Dictionary: Translation for I'm pleased to meet you.

If on first name terms, one uses the du form.

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Grammatically, the Sie form takes the 3rd person plural ending. There are 3 different noun genders: The article of a noun depends on the gender: However, you will generally be understood if you use the wrong gender as there are only a few obscure nouns which mean different things depending on gender, and their correct meaning will always be clear from the context.

how do you say nice to meet in german

People may correct you, however, in order to help you to learn German. Furthermore, German nouns are declined. There are four grammatical cases: Each varies depending on the noun's gender and whether it is singular or plural.

how do you say nice to meet in german

An orthographic peculiarity is that all nouns, even those in the middle of a sentence, begin with a capital letter. There are very strong accentual and dialectic differences in German-speaking countries.

how do you say nice to meet in german

A German from the north, where the standard version of the language is most prevalent, may have a hard time understanding a southerner's pronunciation. Standard German is universally known and taught, although not everyone speaks it well.

Generally, the further south one travels, the more people speak dialect natively. The Main River serves as a rough "border" between the northern and southern German speaking cultural worlds. In Switzerland, everyone speaks a dialect natively, and it's even often used in the media. In Alsace many might prefer to speak French with outsiders, mostly as a result of the stigmatisation of German after World War II and regional languages in general by the French government.

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This pattern is begging to reverse with a Alsatian culture revival movement underway! However, the majority of younger people do not use standard German as an everyday language at all and therefore rarely ever reaches native level fluency. It is, however, taught at school and sometimes kindergarten from an early age on. Tech troubles 8 "Auf geht's zur Telko!

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The weekly "Telko" Telefonkonferenz is a staple of German office life. Although, some Germans now call it "der Conference Call".

For all those who dread hearing the office phone ring, telling your colleagues to write you an email might help get around the foreign language nightmare of the phone call. Denglisch 11 "Ich kann dir das mal forwarden. Simply take any English word, add "en" and you're good to go.

The issue must be addressed 13 "Da haben wir noch Potenzial.

Can I say "It was nice to meet you" like this ? : German

These two phrases also allow you to avoid saying anything concrete. Dealing with the boss 15 "Ja - das habe ich auf dem Schirm. On the issue of pay, Germans do not beat around the bush. Sometimes asking outright might be the best way to get on in your career.

It sounds determined, but is vague enough to leave you some wiggle room. Knowing how to delegate and share the work around helps you avoid full responsbility for anything.