1d preferences you meet ed sheeran

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1d preferences you meet ed sheeran

1D Preferences # You meet another guy celebrity and he gets jealous Harry: "Oh my God, Ed! Ed Sheeran!" You try to contain your fangirl as Harry. Not sure if you've done this one yet, and I doubt Ed ever would, how about a HIM CHEATING ed sheeran imagine: he gets jealous. “Well nice to meet you. Read #27 You're His Celebrity Best Friend's Sister from the story One Direction Louis: (His P.O.V) "Dude, you have to meet my sister! him and really getting to know him, but the fact that you were Ed Sheeran's sister didn't really come up.

Your head was resting on his chest while his hand was on your lower back. Has he been in love? You tilted your head up to look into his eyes.

Harry shook his head no. You nodded your head. Harry pulled you closer to him. You shook your head no as you let out a sigh. You had a lot of friends who were in love and even married. They knew they were in love. Harry bit down on his bottom lip as he too, thought the same thing. Harry was sure that you could feel his heartbeat beating a million times a minute. Knowing that you were in the process of falling for him made him want to jump and scream at the world because…he felt all of those things with you.

You sat up and looked at Harry. He had a smile on his face as he stared back at you. Niall took a seat next to Harry, holding a beer.

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You turned and looked at Harry and smiled, a genuine smile before you and your friend made your way over to the bar.

Niall tilted his beer in your direction. He looked over at Niall and smiled. Whenever someone talked about how much you cared for him, it truly did make him a sappy goose.

You decided to make him one of his favorite meals. You set up fairy lights in his backyard and set a table for the two of you. Music was playing softly in the background. You looked up at Harry before you put your fork down. You beamed at him. He walked over to you and held his hand out. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he wrapped his around your waist. Together the two of you swayed to the song. Harry placed his forehead against yours and closed his eyes.

You smiled as you listened to Harry singing along. You felt like the lyrics described your relationship with Harry perfectly. When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight You let out a shaky sigh as you stared at your reflection.

You wanted everything to go accordingly for him. You stared at the necklace on your neck. You let out a scowl. Harry made his way up to his bedroom that you were getting ready in. He leaned against the door frame as he watched with you with amused eyes. You noticed Harry in the reflection and let out another sigh. He made his way over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist as the both of you stared at your reflection.

He pressed a soft kiss on your neck. Harry closed his eyes as he rested his head on your shoulder. Harry smiled as he took your hand and pressed a kiss on top of it. Harry looked up from his phone. Harry bit down on his bottom lip as he followed you. You were already at his place almost everyday. Harry placed his hands in his jean pockets as he waited on your answer nervously. Harry nodded before he scratched the back of his neck.

You looked up from the blouse you were looking at and smiled at your sister. Your sister nodded before she closed her mouth. The last thing she ever wanted to see was you get hurt. Being so in love with him? The Selfie He Likes 5. Random Fandom Imagines Imagines of all shapes, sizes and fandoms' will be posted based on my mood and your request.

Seeing One Direction Masterlist Preferences: Im making picture preferences so submit ideas to the idea box or the ask me! If you would like my kik just ask!

Hopelessly in love with one direction, so just writing preferences and imagines until they fall in love with me too. His pet name for you. Masterlist Archive Ask, Request, Or Just Talk To Me 1D harry styles imagine niall horan imagine one direction imagines 1d imagines preferences one direction preferences 1d preferences louis tomlinson imagine zayn malik You swore one of the sexiest things in the world was watching Liam workout.

He catches you watching an addicting reality TV show.

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Masterlist; Master Post of Preferences: Master Post of Preferences: Snapback He Buys You 5. I am just an Aussie girl who loves One Direction and writing. He has Fun with your Beauty Supplies… Louis: The Short Dress You Wear 3. History Related One Shots: I feel your pain Request some shit A set of companion series based off a song from each One Direction Album. I am just a girl who loves one direction a lot. The day you were born - Niall Horan.

Matching Couple Tattoos 6. All the one-shots and full fics in the One Direction fandom can be found here. You Have And the masterlist is here.

1d preferences you meet ed sheeran

These are the lovey, friendly, and brotherly preferences. General Imagines Master List. Could you write one where the reader is a super shy Slytherin and at first he didn't think much of her but when he was rude to her she responded with niceness like she would still be nice to him and he started liking her for how sweet and nice she was to everyone and one day she got bullied by some Slytherin guys and they said something really mean to her that she started crying and ran to her This blog is all about One Direction Imagines!

Don't be afraid to request anything. I giggled, reapplying my red coat once more. I made a master list of my preferences! The only thing cooler than writing is outer space. You can also submit a one-shot.

1d preferences you meet ed sheeran

He gets jealous 3. So, I would often find myself playing with it, running my fingers through it - as his head rested on my lap. Preference 1 — Eye Contact: Part One all the boysPart Two: He wanted to imagine his life as a father, three or maybe four children running around the house more times than not, you were the mother in his daydreamsa married man, possibly settled with time off from touring to spend time with his loved ones.


Disney Princess Liam 4. The one shots or drabbles that take place in the storyline of the fanfics are not listed. Another Boy Likes You 4. Welcome to Perf Prefs 1D! I started this blog in August ofso it's been over 2 years now! I try to post a new preference every other day, though it doesn't always happen. I don't do personal Imagines anymore, but you can send in a scenario. I feel your pain Request some shit Preferences Masterlist. I hope you like my masterlist!!!

I updated so now it has more picture preferences: Masterlist Her fingers lightly glide along his arm, tracing along his slim fingers before she glides up again, his skin now masked by a spate of chills. Send me an ASK with your imagine, and possibly will appear on this blog. How You Met 2. This blog is all about One Direction Imagines! I started this stupid fight about nothing and told her to leave. An Article About the Two of You 3. I write some stuff.

You Get a New Piercing 8. What he secretly loves about This blog is dedicated to one direction since we love them so much 3. Bed You Guys Share 7.

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It's where your interests connect you with your people. He wants you to stay 4. I specialise in outfit preferences: Hope you guys like these preferences and all.

1d preferences you meet ed sheeran

If you happen to have a preference idea in mind and you do not see it here on the list, please feel free to leave it in my ask! Harry grabbed two snow hats and put one on him and the other on you. I'm just a girl with a strange and unhealthy obsession with One Direction. The sun is out - Harry Styles. I'm always here to talk if anyone needs to. Your pet name for him. He would try to get your attention across the store you were in by sticking his tongue out, waving his arms, and jumping around.

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Sorry I did a read more because this is a super long one! Took me a while, so sorry for the lack of prefs. He sees you at a Kissing booth. He makes dinner 5.