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wildstar meet the granok bed

WildStar was a Space Western Science Fantasy MMORPG by Carbine Studios. The Alcoholic: The Granok live for two things: violence and beer. . Best shown by their in-character "Meet the X" interviews for all the revealed races so far. .. find his pregnant wife Sadie, and get her medication for cold-sleep gone wrong. Jul 28, Overview: A large Granok lady with a stern face, Olka is a . Mordesh: “Lotta the ones I met were pessimistic as shit but fuck man, can ya. Now, browsing the wildstar videos on the tubes, i see this guy. . users threw a shit fit when Chua were given underwear to meet such a ratings requirement. The granok bed from housing challenge (Moonshine Cabin one).

The Humans, who are perfectly happy knocking about exploring. The Granok, large, strong "living stone" people. The Aurin, whose leader is a powerful Esper and tend to follow in her mold.

wildstar meet the granok bed

The Mordesh, brilliant scientists and chemists. Shame about that Corruption The Cassians, who are urbane, refined, and civil The Mechari, built to be brilliant, powerful caretakers for the Cassians. The Chua, adorable little rodentoid creatures.

wildstar meet the granok bed

The Draken, powerful physical fighters who enjoy putting that strength to use. Used by the Spin Drive engine used by spaceships in the Wildstar universe. Unlike many popular portrayals, most of the travels between two planets - like Cassus to Mikros - took months instead of centuries. Fighting for a Homeland: The Exiles — they've all been driven off their homeworlds by the Dominion and intend to make Nexus their new home. In an early part of Farside, the characters can discover a the body parts of a Skeech, torn apart by his fellow blue imps for the crime of being smart.

As opposed to other Skeech, he's intelligent, well-spoken, and even gives you a few quests as he tries to bring the same enlightenment to the others, only to fail. Eventually, the characters learn that the only thing making him different is the helmet one of the Eldan gave him long ago, and even that eventually wears out, forcing the characters to kill him as he lapses back into the same xenophobic savagery as the others. Mondo Zax's drive and sour disposition stems from a life spent as the runt of a litter of 13, losing his distant father in a freak accident, and suffering in an orphanage filled with bullies.

Note that the loss of his distant father was in "routine maintenance", immediately after having a violent argument with Mondo, and that the Zax also engineered the unexplained, not mysterious deaths of his twelve elder siblings Victor Lazarin and Mondo Zax, their respective faction's "Lead Mad Scientist", commiserate their species' statuses as the black sheep.

They then proceed to send a mutant bug Lazarin and a vaporizer Zax to each other as "gifts". Friend to All Living Things: The focal point of the animal-like Aurins. They have a rather special connection to life and nature, and their leaders, the Matriarchs, can interact with the "Weave" in strange, unexplained ways.

With just a dash of hypocrisy; as the Dominion find out, the Aurin aren't above terraforming vast regions of Nexus — displacing or killing thousands of native species in the process — just to suit their tastes and give themselves a strategic advantage. The datacubes mention the Eldan Terraformers automatically adapt the native species to the new environment.

They aren't killing anything: However, they are perfectly willing to consume sentient Veggies. The Eldan's justification for their more morally questionable experiments. Advanced Modification Protocol, or AMP for passive bonuses and unique procs to power up your character. Certificate of Research, Exploration, Destruction, and Development, or CREDD, an item that can be purchased from other players in the commodities exchange, then redeemed to add a month of playtime in lieu of subscription fees.

Most of the Exiles live on these ships, which also serve as a fleet of Sleeper Ships. This old story hints that Cassians Humans from both the Dominion and Exiles themselves are descended from these crews that arrived and settled on Cassus. The Dominion are not very good at exterminating "pests": If the Dominion had given up after their initial defeat on Gnox, the younger generation of Granok wouldn't have had the bright idea of sneaking into their well-established, well-stocked, and well-armed camps and stealing their stuff, thus giving birth to the Granok Free Companies.

If the Dominion hadn't forced Brightland and his fleet into the Fringe, they would never have met up with said mercenaries who, being on the Dominion's blacklist, were likely plying their trade there.

If the Dominion had simply left Arboria alone, the Exiles would never have recruited the Aurin, whose agricultural expertise ensures that the rebels will never want for food or herbal medicine. A Glass of Chianti: Malvolio Portius, the representative for "Meet the Dominion", is initially seen with a large goblet of wine. When he crushes said goblet in his white gloved hand, he promptly requests a new drink. One of the focal points of the Scientist path.

That Galactic Archive isn't going to fill itself! Grey and Gray Morality: No matter how the two factions are painted in promotional material, neither are totally good or evil. The Chua and the Mordesh exist to bring to spotlight this uncomfortable truth. The Exiles, a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits run off their home planets, are banded together for the sake of survival and sticking it to their common enemy, the Dominion. They are generally cordial and operate under democratic communities where they are free, live however they want, and do what they can to take care of their people and protect them from the Dominion and other threats.

That being said, they aren't exactly Knights In Shining Armour. The Exile Humans are a group of renegade Cassian Lowborns who became unabashed terrorists, mercenaries and criminals out of desperation to combat the Dominion and sometimes resort to morally questionable methods. Even when they won a costly victory, Every member of Durek's group were exiled from their home planet by their elders for breaking the Way of the Stone a set of laws that forbid the use of foreign technology even if it meant saving themselves from extermination.

Not to mention that the Dominion can be placed under the correct side in blockading their home planet since the Mordesh's lingering Contagion created a liability where a shortage of Vitalus serums would cause risk of Ravenous outbreaks without any forms to control its effects. The Aurin are semi-felines who were simply a casualty, forced to join a war they never wanted part in simply for meeting with the exiles. While they are generally peaceful, there are some who are eco-fanatical to the point of isolation.

The Dominion are extremely generous to those that obey. Citizens are granted numerous freedoms, are well-educated, and generally live good, comfortable lives. That is, if they are highborn, utterly loyal to the Dominion and never incur its wrath by disrespecting the emperor's borderline-totalitarian rule or practice ideas that are considered heretical to them. Almost all of the races in the Dominion are of extremely questionable morality. The Cassians, especially the Highborns, are an aristocratic race of humans who are infamous for inflicting needless cruelty, genocide, a rigid caste system based on Eldan-blood that put a vast majority of their "Lowborn" Cassians into lower classes, and Disproportionate Retribution on anyone who rejects their way of life.

The Chua are a psychopathic race of critters who have performed numerous atrocities like the Ravaging of Arboria, and are respected by the rest of the galaxy because of might and fear rather than compassion and good will. The Draken, a reptilian Blood Knight race, only joined them because the Dominion killed their High Clanlord and conquered their planet. Many Drakens, if not most, are often cruel to their own young and kill for the sake of it.

The Mechari are a robotic race with zero empathy who serve the Dominion only on the account of the fact that they were created by the Eldan, the latter being an alien race from Nexus with a checkered past. Overall, the conflict between these both factions fall into Order Versus ChaosDominion representing the stability of the Order with Exiles representing the freedom of the Chaos.

Both factions are also willing to commit Torture upon their enemies and genocide against some native races minus some friendly tribes of Pell on Nexus, though the latter is justifiable due to the inherent nature of the natives both flora, fauna, and sentient civilization.

At least one in-universe theory—along with a first-person document to back it up—holds that young Skeech are reasonably intelligent if not necessarily benevolent but become stupid and feral as they grow up. The aptly named spellslingers, who still use pistols but have magically infused bullets, powerful arcane sigils, and can warp and tear reality itself at will.

And it is awesome. Deign to contemplate deleting one of your alts? Warning lights go off in the character select screen and they begin to cry. And if you go through with it, they are immolated to death. The Luminai, the half-Eldan blue-bloods of Cassian Dominion human society. Every emperor has so far been one.

Victor Lazarin created an immortality serum and gave it to his entire race, the Mordesh. Unfortunately it turned out to cause their flesh to rot while still alive and their minds to deteriorate similarly. He did manage to come up with a treatment for the insanity though. Have a Nice Death: The "Misadventures" section of the Adventures page in the website has some very interesting unfortunate untimely ends. The Holocrypts have a variety of one-liners to greet you with upon your return from the land of the dead.

The next time you come back here, I'm stealing your shoes. Arboria was one, till the Exiles accidentally stumbled upon it. Unfortunately, so did the Dominion.

Now there isn't much of a "Village" either.

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A number of the Soldier Path missions are these. This is the entire basis of the "Siege of Tempest Refuge" Adventure, where you have to defend a generator for 5 waves of enemies. The group can fall back and retreat for one last chance, should the first generator be destroyed.

The Elder Granok would rather have died at the hands of the Dominion than be saved by their children fighting with the very weapons of their enemies.

WildStar Flick: Dirty Little Secrets

Cassians are mostly human Highborns are part Eldan so they're on both sides of the conflict. For example, some Aurin are eco-terrorists, some Chua are gang members, and a Draken requests an Exile for help to scare the Moodies - but they haven't publicly been seen to join the other side of the Exile vs Dominion conflict.

Apparently the Eldan believed so, as the Cassians claim to have been chosen to conquer the galaxy for them. In-game, Humans and Cassians are the only races capable of choosing any class. Subverted - Humans and Cassians Dominion-aligned Humans can have a variety of skin colors. After sustaining life-threatening injuries, Serrick Brightland was cryogenically frozen till the Exiles could find some way of reviving him.

Everyone's a potential traitor... even you: WildStar's Dominion faction

Non-essential personnel are also put into stasis during long hauls, to preserve precious resources. Played for Laughs in the Ark Ship Twitter Feeds, where a guy argues about the extra charges laid on him for accidentally freezing himself again.

The fee is waived when he mentions he has no prior experience nor instruction with the use of cryostasis pods. Exile characters begin play with a major cryogenic malfunction on their Arkship. Most of the galaxy is controlled by the Dominion, and the few planets that remain tend not to want a bunch of refugees camping on their lawn.

The Exiles have had to do some ugly things just to survive. Even forced to work with Protostar Corporation to the point where they have to attack Sandthorne, breakaway Aurins who defected from Exiles and disrupt their mining operations, despite their lack of concerns over local ecology in Malgrave. Your first task as a new Exile character is helping Deadeye Brightland find his pregnant wife Sadie, and get her medication for cold-sleep gone wrong.

Later in the Northlands you call a shuttle to evacuate her to safety, which the Dominion blows up as it's taking offsetting Deadeye on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. I Need a Freaking Drink: In the video introducing the Chua, Malvolio is less than pleased that he has to talk about them, and orders a huge glass of wine first.

It empties itself very quickly. Enemies tend to insult you or reassure themselves of their supremacy when you die. Sometimes they make some comment about their plans now that you're dead. Being disoriented doesn't hurt your actual ability to move, but it does briefly scramble your movement keys. Pressing W, for example, may make you run to the right instead of straight forward.

The Blind debuff temporarily darkens and blurs your screen. This makes it next to impossible to see enemy attacks coming and as such defend yourself properly. On Nexus, chances are: The Chua are pint-sized, talking cartoon rodents who have absolutely no sense of morality and are obsessed with Mad Science.

Bug eyed, perpetually smiling, fuzzy buggers with rows and rows of razor sharp teeth and insatiable appetites. The Aurin are actually friendly tree-huggers who would like nothing more than to prance around in peace and harmony, but they are also ferocious hunters and vicious fighters.

Kill It with Fire: There is also an especially powerful flamethrower provided while exploring a termite mound - you don't have to kill them with it, but it's a step or so better than whatever other means you have to do so, especially during the final hold out. There is a challenge in Ellevar where you throw molotov cocktails at spider webs. Seeing as these are giant spiders that have webs big enough to trap several humans and even highly trained soldiers, you can't really blame them.

How the Torine deal with the Strain. Especially fun, as it's an enchanted flame from an enchanted forge. They even call it the Cleansing Fire! Generally, if something needs to be exterminated or sterilized, you will get a flamethrower to make sure of it. A Lighter Shade of Grey: In theory, each side is supposed to have good and evil elements. In practice, it is much easier to sympathize with the Exiles than the Dominion.

Most of the bad things the Exiles do are born of desperation or vengeance for the constant barrage of attempted genocide, Disproportionate Retribution and flat-out needless cruelty the Dominion keeps visiting on them. Having them as the advertisement's main feature at the price of Dominion's stories helps out with this trope too. Aurin often have multiple lovers. All Aurin have an empathic link with nature, being able to communicate with trees and "The Weave," the life energy that connects all living things.

Females, and by extension Matrias, have the strongest links. Long-eared arboreals with a deep connection to the "magical" forces of the world. While they still consider them creepy, they are shown to be more than willing to work with them, oftentimes striking up odd friendships.

They will also tolerate the Mordesh's experiments and needs to a certain extent, like drilling into the forests for Primal Life, an essential ingredient to Vitalus serum. Granok Granok "Finally we got the Granok. They're big, tough, giant rock people, I mean they are bad-ass. Of course most of them got more boulders than brains! Yep, that means just what it sounds like.

wildstar meet the granok bed

They followed a rigid system of belief known as the Way of Stone, which dictated that they ought to be as unyielding as the stone they were made out of. Despite- or maybe because of this- the Granok were excellent military tacticians and fierce warriors.

Hoping to harness this power for the Dominion, a team of Mechari envoys were sent to Gnox to negotiate their assimilation into the Dominion. The Granok responded to their offer by smashing the envoys into scrap. Thus began the War on Gnox, a lengthy, bloody engagement between the Dominion and the united Granok nations. The war stretched on for months due to Granok stubbornness and sheer force of will, but eventually the Dominion began to gain the upper hand.

wildstar meet the granok bed

The Granok armies began to lay down their weapons, believing it dishonorable and against the Way to continue fighting when the war was so obviously lost. One young Granok warlord named Durek disagreed, and banded together a small group of like-minded people, performing daring raids into Dominion camps to steal their technology and reverse-engineer it against the Dominion.

This was against the Way as well. Durek amassed hundreds if not thousands of followers, eventually driving the Dominion off Gnox in their first major defeat ever recorded. But Durek was summoned before the Elders of Gnox, where it was determined he had violated the creed set down by the Way. Him and all his followers were banished from Gnox, without reconsideration, and Durek was branded the Stonebreaker from then on. Him and his followers made some left-behind Dominion ships spaceworthy and took to the stars as mercenaries for hire, eventually siding with the Exile Humans some time later.

They work now as a paid army for the Exiles as a whole, though some fringe groups prefer not to associate with the majority. Beer is a very serious business among the Granok, and "Brewmaster" is not a position you hold lightly. While they're a lot less bulky than the males, they are still solidly muscled. Granok and Exile Humans get along quite well as they share the same stubborn temperament, sense of humor, and an extreme dislike for the Dominion.

They are the muscle of the Exiles; happiest when they're boozing, hooking up, brawlingor a combination of all three. One occasionally sees Granok with huge chunks carved out of their faces and heads. The reason why this doesn't cause brain trauma? Their brains are in their chests. The male Granok look as you would expect: The female Granok, on the other hand, resemble muscular Greek statues with thunder-thighs. Many of them sport a Brooklyn-esque accent, sometimes melding with the Exile Humans' southern accents.

There are in fact, Granok scientistsbut they do seem to be pretty rare or just unheard of. Like their Evil Counterpartthe Draken, they just don't care for fancy, high-brow pursuits. The result of trying to kill off every single Granok on Gnox? An exiled masse of vengeful, war-toughened veterans ready to kick every single Dominion ass. Most, if not every Granok, is a beer-swilling bombastic bodacious boulder-cracker. Back home, most if not every Granok is a beer-swilling bombastic bodacious boulder-cracker— who also follows the Way of Stone.

Also subverted, but not in the game itself: Proud Warrior Race Guy: The reason they're stuck with the Exiles: First they smashed the Mechari ambassadors to scrap, then Durek and his troops went against the tradition of Gnox and used 'dishonorable tactics' such as harnessing Dominion technology for their own benefit.

Most Granok NPCs maintain the same defiant attitude. Granok are 'primal-earth' based organisms, what us humans would call silicone-based- though they have squishy organs on the inside.

wildstar meet the granok bed

You Can't Go Home Again: The Granok on Nexus were banished from their homeworld by their elders. When the younger Granok raided Dominion bases for weapons and tech to fight off the invaders, the elders who were ready to accept defeat and death believed them to have betrayed their race's tradition The Way of Stoneand cast them out.

We've got Nexus now. Mordesh Mordesh "They call themselves the Mordesh. I call 'em weird and creepy. Infected with some kind of disease. That being said, they sure do know a lot about science, and alchemy and the like. Though from what I gather, it's the forbidden kind. It all came to a head when Victor Lazarin, arguably the most brilliant of the bunch, created the Everlife Elixir, a potion that granted instant rejuvenation and immortality in an effort to ressurrect his dead wife.

Within weeks, however, the formula would prove unstable, turning into what is now known as the Contagion. Their bodies and minds started rotting while an insatiable hunger for flesh set in, turning them into violent, hard-to-kill cannibals christened "Ravenous.

Immortal, and with only their supplies of the precious serum their limit, the Mordesh seek a cure for their curse. The Mordesh have a lovely lyrical and almost always alliterative style to their speech. Being constantly rotting and wasting away, more than a few Mordesh have had to replace their body parts with robotic versions. Every Mordesh also has a Vitalus delivery system, attached by replacing entire sections of their arms, joints, and chests.

They're generally regarded as creepy by their allies. Averted with the Aurin, whom are some of the top scientists of XAS along side them and are commonly seen making interspecies friendships with. Thanks to their constant decay from Everlife Elixir, the Mordesh used cybernetics to both replace their missing body parts and attach Vitalus filters. Not only did the Contagion ravage their numbers, but it left the entire species sterile, even the few "sane" survivors with Vitalus Serum.

Meaning that the playable and NPC Mordesh are last of the species. The Everlife Elixir did, in fact, grant them immortality, though not in the manner they wanted. Do not call them "space zombies. Due to their consumption of Everlife Elixirthey are effectively immortal had it not been for side effects and its ensuing inability to have children. Our Zombies Are Different: Mordesh became zombie-like as a result of the Everlife Elixir causing their bodies to decay quickly.

Those who don't receive the Vitalus Serum after infection eventually lose their minds as well, becoming blood-thirsty flesh-hungry monsters. Pointy ears aside, there's also their advanced culture and more reserved demeanour. Interestingly, elves are sometimes portrayed as immortal in fiction, while the Mordesh attempted immortality Mordesh never really died; they're just slowly rotting away.

Not even the collapse of their entire civilization, a horrific degenerative disease, and 80 years on the Exile fleet could stop them from being proper ladies and gentlemen. With the Aurin, commonly observed arguing about science in regards to nature but as shown in Everstar Grove and Celestion are more then willing to fight alongside the Aurin due to sharing a viewpoint on the importance of preserving life. Patriarch of the Exiles, Admiral Serrick Brightland led his eponymous rebellion up until the Fleet escaped to the Fringe.

After sustaining grave injuries beyond the skills of the Fleet's doctors, he was put into cryostasis to await the day they can bring him back to life.