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a Local gas prices flirt with record a Business in the 52p Whales Get Saved By Moko The Dolphin p North Koreans p Girls chase Miss Scotland crown p Interest brews. Tony, who at first inertly retorts the woman's flirting. Since sexual overtures The girls chase him just to mention one thing, specially if he happens to be a big . He's athletic, smart, streetsmart, good looking and a shameless flirt. Moko's the name, but Chutaro doesn't like the pun and puts his big golden retriever paws on We get a ragtime piano playing as the girls chase Porun to the street.

Pisard gets mad at them because they are doing it in a way that makes fun of all his failures to this point. Nagisa and Honoka are hanging out together and shopping when they stop by the Tako Cafe to have lunch. Honoka lends Nagisa a handkerchief and after finishing, they sseperate to head home. But Mipple notices that Pisard is following Honoka and she runs to a currently unoccupied construction site where Pisard demands she hands over the Prism Stone that Mipple has. Pisard manages to get Mipple away from Honoka but she refuses to give up.

Meanwhile Nagisa and Mepple are worried about something and head to Honoka's home to return her handkerchief but they find out she's not home! Wondering what happened to her, Nagisa begins to search by first visiting places Honoka likes, such as the library but to no luck. She continues to search, eventually finding her just as Pisard is about to harm her! Deciding to be somewhat fair, Pisard allows them to fight full on as Pretty Cure in order to prove he's as good as the other villians back in the Dusk Zone.

So he throws Mipple back to Honoka and the two girls are allowed to transform into Pretty Cure. But unfortunately, Nagisa thinks that their troubles are only just beginning. Kiken na mori no kuma-san" "A New Darkness! Mipple tells them that they need a Prism Hopish, which is an item given to them specially from the Queen of the Garden of Light.

Its a really important item needed to protect the Prism Stones. She explains to them that it is the Stone Guardian's job to protect them and that she left it with Mepple in the Garden of Light. To which Mepple begins creeping away from the three females. Mipple suddenly yells at him and he jumps out of surprise. Mipple asks him to take out the Prism Hopeish and he admits to having dropped it when he got a shock from the Garden of Rainbows. Who explains that the numbers and characters weren't there before.

To which Honoka and Nagisa explain that it was just a map. Mipple once again yells at him to remember this as Nagisa suddenly shoves down her head, causing people to stare at them. Honoka apologizes and they both gesture Mipple to be quiet, when Mepple suddenly remembers dropping it by a pool of water.

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Honoka pulls out another book and asks if it looked like the lake she had the page open to, then Nagisa tries, to which he claims "sort of" to both.

This goes back and forth until Mipple yells again! An in attempt to quiet her down, Nagisa accidentally falls, causing all of the books to fall on her. Honoka asks if she is okay as everyone stares again. A book falls in front of Mepple and he says that the lake on the page is the one he saw. The location was Yama Hyoutan Pond. So they head off there next. Nagisa keeps complaining and asking if they have arrived yet, to which Mepple tells her he hasn't felt any presence yet.

They come to a view of the lake that Mepple mentioned when Nagisa accidentally takes a step too far and the ledge they stood on breaks! They fall down the hill and Nagisa grabs a loose branch before they fall further. Then the branch snaps and they land in a tree.

Meanwhile, in the Dusk Zone, the villains discuss the failure of Pisard. Gekidrago volunteers to go next to defeat the cures and the Dark King gives him permission and mentions how Pisard dropped one of them and they need a total of 7 stones to gain eternity. Meanwhile, going back to Nagisa and Honoka, Nagisa ask Mepple if he should be feeling it by now, to find out he's fallen asleep Mipple questions if she should be his girlfriend as he wakes up to say he feels something.

Honoka seems a baby bear on a log going down the river! Nagisa suggest they should jump across the rocks to help it when she runs down the slope and starts jumping across the rocks, only to slip on the last one and land on the log the baby bear is on She yells to Honoka who runs along side them while stating she cant swim. The log hits a rock, throwing Nagisa and the baby bear off of the log and to the shore.

Honoka tells Nagisa to never do such a thing again as Nagisa feels she had to save the baby bear. Honoka calls her brave while they release the bear as the mother bear shows up and they go back into the wild. Meanwhile, Gekidrago begins knocking down trees in his path when he comes near the bear family Nagisa had helped.

Back with Nagisa and Honoka, they are looking at a picture of the Prism Hopish when Nagisa comments on the Then Gekidrago comes out riding the mother bear turned into a Zakenna. It begins to chase after them when Mepple tells them to transform when Nagisa informs him that they can't just yet before moving out of the way last second. Causing the Zakenna to run into a rock! After breaking it, it continues to run into the other rocks as Nagisa and Honoka transform.

As the Zakenna comes back they jump out of the way and a real fight begins! In mid-air Cure Black comes back down and kicks the Zakenna. It swipes at her and both Cure Black and Cure White admit this wont be an easy battle. Gekidrago tries to punch Cure White when she flips him instead, as the little baby bear runs in front of them to try and make them stop fighting its mother. The Zakenna lifts its paw to swipe the baby bear when Cure White points out the marking on its head matches the mother bear that they had seen earlier!

Now realizing that it is the same mother bear form earlier the cures can't bring themselves to attack with Marble Screw, thinking that it will hurt the bear. Cure Black and Cure White run across a bridge when Mepple suggest they try a different attack that will allow them to heal the bear instead of hurt it. Mepple and Mipple explain how to use "Pretty Cure Rainbow Therapy " and the cures use this to return the bear to normal.

Now mad at Gekidrago for what he did to the bear they hit him with Marble Screw and knock him into a mountain. A little while later they walk by the somewhat shattered cliff when the Prism Hopish suddenly lands on Nagisa's head. They pick it up and head back to Honoka's house and put in the Prism Stone as the guardian appears before them to give the girls special diaries and a card that will allow them to call him at any time.

A Maiden's Heart is So Delicate! Distracted momentarily she begins to think about how they had disposed of Pisard once and for all. But not even shortly after a new guy had appeared to fight them! While she is glad they managed to protect Mepple and Mipple, she wonders if he will come back anytime soon and feels somewhat better knowing that the Guardian is there to protect the Prism Stones.

She snaps out of her many thoughts when the ball suddenly comes flying at her, just in time Nagisa manages to defend herself and the ball rolls away. As she goes to retrieve the ball, Honoka approaches and hands it to her, wishing her luck as Nagisa promises she'll only show her best. The following afternoon, the team is at the championship Lacrosse playing field against the team from the "Otakagu Girls Junior High School".

After a few cheers as the Vice Principal voices his opinion in hopes and expectations that they win. The game soon begins as the Verone Academy girls begin to cheer and yell for Nagisa. Her friends, Shiho and Rina voice how annoyed they are by what Vice Principal said but ignore it as to concentrate on the game. Suddenly Nagisa sees Honoka there and tries to greet her when suddenly she sees her crush there going to meet with Honoka! Instantly she is angry, but she tries to tell herself to calm down so she can focus.

She begins to play while Honoka and Fujimura begin to talk about Nagisa. He seems impressed but goes to say that its unusual for Nagisa to have such a friend. Unfortuantly, due to how upset she is, thinking that Honoka and Fujimura are together is making it hard for her to concentrate and she accidentally lets the other team score.

Having lost the Prism Stone that belonged to Pisard to them. He lectures Gekidrago and tells him to think of ways to use the Zakenna. Back at the game, currently the Otakagu Girls school is winning.

Nagisa almost scores, and isn't too happy with how poorly she is doing. Honoka can't seem to figure it out either. A break soon goes underway while the Principal and Vice Principal discuss how bad things are going. Yumiko approaches Nagisa to ask her why she's doing badly today, but goes on to say that tomorrow she'll do much better. She notices Honoka and Fujimura have left now and the game ends. On her way out, Nagisa sees Honoka who tries to console her, then mentions how Mepple and Mipple wanted to see each other so the girls go somewhere private for them to hang out in peace without worry of being caught by someone.

Its then Honoka asks Nagisa if something happened today and that she didn't seem like her normal self. Nagisa denies this, then seems a little confused that Honoka is coming again. Honoka ask if she shouldn't, but Nagisa hurriedly lies by saying she only doesn't want Honoka to go out of her way for her.

She then tries to ask about Fujimura, but chickens out and begins to simply laugh it off instead. That following night at home, Nagisa is busy trying to determine the status between Honoka and Fujimura when suddenly her brother comes in to bother her about losing the game. Angrily Nagisa chases him into her closet and he quickly surrendours.

The next day Nagisa rushes to the Lacrosse tournament, noticing how late she is when she sees how worried Shiho and Rina look. Who point out the team they will be challanging today, "Kakutokandai Junior High School". They are increasingly nervous, seeing how tough this team looks in comparison to the days before. As they begin Nagisa sees Honoka there by herself and feels slightly better. But its then Mipple begins to speak with Honoka about a bad feeling she is getting when Honoka sees an explosion further down in town!

She runs from the playing field just as Gekidrago is destroyed a street light and continues to walk. Realizing his goal is the playing field, Honoka tries to distract him into chasing her from the field as it will interupt the game and be dangerous.

Nagisa doesn't understand and with her game coming up she knows she can't miss it but he tells her to go and search for her and Honoka anyway. Quickly she leaves and tries to find them. Meanwhile at the game, they notice Nagisa is missing but it can't be helped. Honoka refuses to hand over the Prism Stones but Gekidrago refuses to give up and continues to trail behind her slowly. Its then Nagisa arrives and they transform to fight!

He ask them why they are there when its off limits but they don't know how to answer as he approaches the battle. Cure Black tries to warn him when Gekidrago gets the idea on how to use his Zakenna. Casting the dark power onto Vice Principal and transforming him into one! The big Vice Principal monster begins to attack the girls with a long pointer stick all while he is scolding them for being bad students, and how a lot of students never give him the respect he deserves.

Its then Honoka scolds Nagisa for running through the halls with her normal shoes on, instead of her school shoes. Nagisa claims to have been in a hurry though. Back at the game, the team is having difficulty and they really need Nagisa to return! Yuriko tries to convince Shiho and Rina that she will come back.

But since the game is almost near an end and they are at their limit, they begin to have doubts. This attack also sends Gekidrago flying as well and the Zakenna runs from the scene in its small star shapes while the girls rush back to the game, hoping its not too late. As they run Nagisa mentions how she saw Fujimura there sitting with her and ask why she's there alone today. They come to a stop as Honoka explains he is a childhood friend to her and that they played together as children, she sees him like an older brother.

She then ask why Nagisa ask but instead Nagisa runs off. Now happy to know that Honoka isn't dating her crush, Nagisa is in higher spirits and makes it to the game with less then 13 minutes remaining! By a last minute scoring, they win the game! Meanwhile, at the off limit playing field the Vice Principal is asleep on one of the rows of seats. While in the lake nearby, Gekidrago is floating through with a seagull on him for a moment as the episode draws to an end Such as heading to a cafe for Strawberry Cake, or how a hotel Shiho visited makes really good chocolate cake with caramel mousse inside.

Nagisa meanwhile, has her mind on other things.

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Such as the days previous attack when Gekidrago showed up to cause problems. She is snapped out of it suddenly when she notices Fujimura Shougo, her long time crush and Honoka together across the street.

Honoka hands him a stack of papers and begins to walk with him. While watching, Nagisa begins to wonder if she has anything to worry about. Honoka did say they were just friends, but with how close they are she feels concerned about her chances of being with him.

Suddenly, Shiho snaps and notices Nagisa isn't listening In class during the reading, Nagisa keeps thinking about Fujimura and Honoka from earlier. She begins to talk outloud and goes on to say if she was a boy, Honoka would be the type of girl she would be into also. She suddenly snaps out of it as their teacher calls on her to begin reading the next part. Near the end of class, Rina how mentions how lately Nagisa hasn't been like her normal self when she excuses herself to the restroom.

Seeing Honoka there, she tries to ask about her status with Fujimura once more, only to be interupted by Mepple and Mipple. They come out when Nagisa scolds Mepple for turning into his normal form before even checking to make sure nobody would see them. He goes on to say that she knows what its like to be in love and upon being asked by Mipple, Mepple begins to whisper what he meant to her. Nagisa yells at him when Honoka reminds her that she had wanted to ask her something a moment ago whe Nagisa tells her it wasn't important and angrily grabs Mepple.

Later that evening, at Honoka's, Mipple is in the middle of eating dinner when Honoka begins to ask her about her relationship with Mepple.

Mipple explains how she waited a very long time for him, so now she's only faithful to him. Its then Mipple ask Honoka if she has anybody she likes, but Honoka mentions that she isn't really into dating for the time being and is more interested in science and studying.

It's then Mipple mentions that Nagisa is highly concerned about someone named "Fujipi-mipo". But before Honoka can continue, her grandmother arrives suddenly, having brought her some tea. As she goes to leave, she ask about Nagisa and states that she is happy Honoka has made such a cheery friend. Meanwhile, at Nagisa's house, she is trying to convince herself not to worry but she can't help but worry anyway.

As she rolls back and forth on the floor, her brother comes in to ask if he can borrow her CD when he sees her rolling around. It's then she throws her pillow at him and scolding him for not bothering to knock. After stating that is the reason she doesn't have a boyfriend, Nagisa angrily begins trying to head lock him as Ryouta calls for their mom That following morning, Nagisa, who is half asleep is standing by a street light waiting for the signal to change when she hears someone calling for her.

She looks to see Honoka and Fujimura walking towards her. She still begins to wonder if they are really just friends when she follows after them across the street. The entire time Nagisa remains silent, simply studying the two of them as Fujimura talks about how he can't focus on much other then Soccer. Honoka notices Nagisa looking at him, to which Nagisa hurriedly turns away. Honoka suddenly remembers that she hadn't introduced them yet and goes on to do so.

As Fujimura scolds her for calling him Fujipi, a name he used to go by growing up his friend shows up addressing him the same before deeming him not a morning person due to a lack of calcium. Honoka mentions she was glad to have introduced them, since Nagisa wanted to speak with him for a while now. To which both males, and Honoka stare at Nagisa, who begins to grow more flustered and upset.

Eventually to the point of running from them with Honoka trailing behind. As Honoka catches up to Nagisa to ask what the problem is, Nagisa begins to call her insensitive, and that she shouldn't have bothered to meddle in other peoples problems, and that she isn't always right.

Honoka tries to explain that she was only trying to help Nagisa and tries to comfort her, but Nagisa yanks away from her and tells Honoka they're not friends. Much to the shock of Honoka, and the surprise of Nagisa herself.

After stating she may have gone too far, Honoka leaves as Nagisa begins to regret what she said. That following afternoon in class, Honoka keeps thinking about earlier when Nagisa had yelled at her. She is very hurt and upset, and Nagisa seems to not be able to focus on much either. As shown come lunch time when she isn't eating or saying anything. Shiho notices this and demands to know what the problem is when suddenly Honoka comes out.

However, once she sees Nagisa she quickly leaves. Leaving Shiho to ask what that was about, not at all understanding the situation when Rina ask if she and Honoka had a fight. Nagisa walks from her friends while trying to figure out why she said that as Honoka is shown hiding by a nearby wall.

Also feeling sad about this entire mess. At the end of school, Nagisa is getting her shoes as Shiho and Rina try to ask her about what happened. Suddenly Honoka shows up and Rina begins to pull Shiho away.

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They stop short however, and mention that Nagisa can tell them anything before taking their leave. Honoka apologizes for that morning before taking out her Card Commune, stating she isn't right to be a Pretty Cure.

She doesn't want to hurt Nagisa's feelings again and thinks that people who can trust each other are better suited for this task and hands Mipple to Nagisa before she runs from her. At Nagisa's, she is being yelled at by Mepple. Who demanded to know what had gone on while they were sleeping.

Mipple wants Nagisa to make up with Honoka, and Mepple continues to scold her before Mipple suggest that Nagisa should write her true feelings in the notebook. Going on to say that only those with the Power from the Garden of Light can read it. So Nagisa decides to try it The next morning at school, Nagisa approaches Honoka and greets her, Honoka says good morning and proceeds to run away from her.

So Nagisa tries again and ask to eat lunch together but Honoka has a meeting. During clean up duty at the end of the school day, Nagisa offers to help Honoka with the trash but Honoka insist she can carry it on her own and quickly leaves. So with no where else to turn, Nagisa prays to God instead at one of the shrines in town as Mepple and Mipple tell her its not enough when suddenly Gekidrago appears!

Honoka is out walking nearby when she suddenly hears Nagisa and rushes to her quickly to see her tangled up by Gekidrago. Suddenly she is hit and sent back with such impact it makes a huge tear in her school bag and books are sent flying everywhere!

SongList - by Artist 12/13/2013 Updated - Norm' Karaoke Home Page

She tries to thow Honoka hers but takes a few minutes with the tree Zakenna trying to hit her with its long, whip-like roots. Cure Black tries to explain its only a figure of speech but the fight begins to increase once more.

Cure Black tells her now isn't the time to do this and that only "Stuck-up indivisuals" would think to do that. The video takes that idea one step further, and attempts to turn stereotypical gender roles on their head.

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