Balthier and fran relationship memes

sing hallelujah (Balthier/Fran)

balthier and fran relationship memes

LMFAO LOOK AT ME COMING BACK TO THIS MEME DAYS LATER about their relationship, they are beyond the courtship period, pirate partners for life. ( Okay Balthier does this out of exasperation at some point, and Fran lets him.). It' s my FFXII favourite couple! And Balthier is my favourite character!^^ [link] to see "Vaan and Penelo" Balthier and Fran. Relationships. More information. I believe they have a purely platonic relationship. % ( votes) Balthier likes Fran, Fran likes no humes in such a way. % (13 votes).

One of the ends fit very well inside her pussy, probably custom tailored like anything Balthier would own, and then the part sticking out of her curved gently upwards to touch her clit. He gave her a pat. She looked and felt so different--like a pet. He turned her head towards him. He laughed at her. Balthier grabbed his end of the leash and slipped it over his wrist.

Balthier & Fran - All Day All Night

Everyone was out today in the city of Rabanastre, the warm--but not unseaonsably hot--weather coupled with what was the first clear day after the wet made people want to wander around, shop, listen to music, and otherwise watch a Hume walk his pet Viera down the up and down the streets. Actually most people were too caught up in their own errands to even notice Balthier, and the few people who did register never thought about it long enough to figure out what was happening.

At least, that's what Fran told herself. Balthier started the walk simply, having her walk in step beside him, occasionally making her stop, sit, and stay.

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Sometimes he would reward her, other times he left her anticipating the feeling. All of his commands were followed by fevered praise and caresses to her hair shoulder and sometimes discreet touches to her breasts. Fran quickly found herself getting aroused, even with all the people around. They wandered around the city some, Fran on the leash and Balthier guiding her through the streets and to Migelo's shop.

Be a good girl and wait here. Fran sighed, half-tempted to untie herself from the lampost and do some wandering around. There was always something to do, new notices to read at the tavern, any number of things to do that were less humiliating than waiting in a crowded part of town, leashed to an inanimate object, and-- And working steadily towards an orgasm.

Fran felt the vibrator between her legs at work, humming away at her clit. She tried to stifle her reaction, to hide away somewhere and preserve some of her dignity. Her body refused to cooperate, as her back arched against the lamppost and one of her hands moved to her breast, kneading away at the soft mound and making the nipple erect before it moved to the other ones.

She closed her eyes, ready to have what would probably the be the most splendid orgasm in her long life. It was already a little late to hide the fact that she had been so aroused. She felt the head still spread through her, and her upper and lower lips pounding with blood arousal.

Just thought we'd say 'Hi' to some old friends. The vibrations started again, and this time Fran promised herself not to be so affected by them, except that she couldn't help how moist her pussy was getting or how the nipples under her bra were getting hard.

She leaned on the lamp post, enjoying the sensations, and only letting out the few moans she couldn't stop. I explained to them that we were busy today, and that their invitation to socialize would have to be put off to another day. Plus, I'm getting a touch peckish. Fortunately for her, like all taverns, the one in Rabanastre was poorly lit, with only enough lamplight for one to read the menu or the notice board without going blind.

Explain the Balthier/Ashe thing to me.

Balthier led her to the board upstairs, and checked the postings. More tomatoes, onions, a carrot or two, a whole salad of monsters actually that people needed hunted, but no marks worth their time. There was only one chair, and Balthier took it for himself. No matter how humiliated she felt, and as Balthier's pet in this crowded tavern, she had never been more mortified, she still felt horny as hell. She sat on the floor though, and nearly toppled over as Balthier gave her a reward.

She grabbed on his legs for stability, and let a little moan escape her.

balthier and fran relationship memes

With some carrots on the side. He turned down the vibration again as the person who took his order left. Even a man like Bergan has his personal thoughts and habits, and the Feast of Hearts is one he observes for his own reasons. T - English - Drama - Chapters: Vincent Valentine is a sucky guy to feel some portion of mild affection for. Everyone faces them differently. Or in some cases, these cases, they avoid them all together. T - English - Angst - Chapters: T - English - Romance - Chapters: After Hawke gives birth, Cullen attempts to reconcile.

People don't just call her Hawkward Hawke, she wears that nickname with pride. So Aveline sets them up on a date. Isabela and Merrill come along for the ride. Recently her memoir was uncovered, describing the decade she spent in Kirkwall and how she rose up and out from her older brother's shadow.

Dragon Age - Rated: Close reviews Mage Marian Hawke's first time with Fenris goes from sensually fantastic to a frightening horror all in one shuddering breath.

An order for Hawke's arrest has been issued. Inspired by a "What if" meme on tumblr Dragon Age - Rated: Written for the trope bingo prompt "A Kiss to Save the Day. He would have succeeded until he met Marian Hawke.

balthier and fran relationship memes

One day in the Hanged Man, drunken Alistair loses control. O universe where Duncan doesn't pick Neria Surana as a warden, Neria and Cullen begin a sexual relationship only to learn, one week later, of the holes in the education that Cullen received from the Chantry.

Mari Hawke reflects on memories of her father Malcolm, her twin siblings, and her mother when they lived on the outskirts of Lothering. In fact, Flemeth is certain he'll do quite fine. Unfortunately, the Wardens expect her to serve as Warden Commander. Once Solona returns to the Circle, a series of unexpected events occur.

Carver has discovered their secret and Hawke's mother has other plans for Marian. Includes all pairings and close friendships suggested in canon, plus additional pre-game pairings.

Written partly as a series of requests on LJ.

balthier and fran relationship memes

Balthier contemplating Ashe's situation. Story also features Fran and Vaan. Fran never stifled her desire to laugh. Pairings way too numerous to count - read and find out! A snapshot of suspense, a slice-of-life, a bit of drama Windows of Joy reviews A pair of happy family drabbles that take place well in the future within my Surveyors of the Past AU.